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Symbol Linking is a hypnotic technique designed to help you discover your full potential, uncover hidden strengths and talents, push through major blocks and deal with issues that are holding you back, all in a non-threatening way - YOU do the work and YOU decide how to proceed along the path of self discovery. 


How does it work?  You are guided on a wonderful Inner Journey where you will access new and sometimes surprising information. Your own personal symbols will surface during this process, showing how you view your relationships… your career… your personal power… freedom… and much more.

This Symbolic journey is deeply relaxing, enlightening, profound and powerful. 

Most people want to know what this thing is....this "Tending" of dreams....most curious and very different than analyzing or dissecting or "figuring out" the dream!

To "Tend" the dream is to take care of, to listen to the dream and what it has to share with us.  To "tend" according to the Oxford English Dictionary, is to "turn the mind, attention, or energies; to apply oneself to the care and service of".....the dream.

I believe that dreams are "alive".  The images in dreams have a life of their own  and have so much to say and share with us, if we can only learn to "listen" in a new way.  These images often have something to say about our lives and the plight of their own lives in the world.  By "tending" the dream we enter into a relationship with beings, images, SYMBOLS, places and things that enrich our lives and we are able to relate to them in a deeper way than we often do in our awake state.

SYMBOLS are the language of the Soul.  They transcend words.  They speak to us in our everyday waking state, in daydreams, meditation and in our sleep.  Dream SYMBOLS have a profound impact on our lives.  The work I enjoy most is teaching others to listen to the messages being given to them in the dream.  In other words "Tending the Dream"

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